5 ideas to have a spooky fun Halloween

5 ideas to have a spooky fun Halloween

Get ready to infuse your home with a delightful dose of Halloween spirit this year. Here are some wickedly wonderful ideas to get you started:

1. Balloon Arch of Fright: Elevate your Halloween décor with a spine-tingling balloon arch. Balloon arches are all the rage, did you know you can get you own grab and go garland from PoppaDo Balloons. We design it, inflate it and all you have to do is collect and hang it. Don't just think you have to go for the usual suspects in colours too, how about a daring pink or a dusky blue and black? You can add an array of halloween balloons from spiders, ghosts and even cats. 

2. Halloween Cake Toppers: Add a spine-tingling touch to your sweet treats with our printable Halloween cake toppers. These charming decorations are easy to make. All you need are scissors, lollipop sticks (or cocktail sticks), double-sided tape or glue, and a printer. Download your free printables. 

3. Painted Pumpkin Prestige: For an elegant Halloween touch, paint your pumpkins in chic colours like chrome and metallic shades. These trendy DIY painted Halloween pumpkins are easy to create and add a touch of sophistication to your doorstep or table decorations. Grab some spray paint, protect your furniture, and let your creativity flow.

4. Pumpkin Party Favours: Hosting a children's Halloween party? Create adorable pumpkin party bags by wrapping assorted sweets in orange tissue paper, fastened with green tape. These little packs of treats will be a hit with your young guests.

5.What's Cooking in the Witch's Pot? This fun memory game is a real hoot and guaranteed to get everyone laughing! Gather the kids in a circle and pick one to kick things off. That child says, "I made a spooky potion, and in it, I added..." They can put anything in there, from a piece of fruit to a toy, even an eye of newt! There are no rules about what goes into the cauldron. Then, the next player says, "I made a spooky potion, and in it, I added..." They have to remember and repeat what the first player put in, and then add their own item. Keep going around the circle, and each player has to recall all the items and throw in their own. If someone forgets, maybe give them a fright! 

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