Balloon Care

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Ensure your balloons are not near any sharp objects, corners or surfaces.

Please don’t leave your balloons in a hot space or extremely cold space such as the car or garage. Take any helium filled (floating) balloons out of the bag and store at room temperature which is about 20 degrees.

Keep your balloons away from heat and direct sunlight. Helium expands in warm temperatures which can result in your balloons popping, equally low temperatures can affect your balloons by reducing the float time. Balloons thrive at room temperature.

If your balloons do get a little chilly or get a little rained on they may start to drop or go a little soft, don’t worry they will puff back up with they dry and get a little warmer. Of you have an outdoor garland and wish to prolong the life of the balloons beyond a 24 -48 hours please bring them inside overnight until ready to use again.

Clear balloons oxidise and will become cloudy over a short period of time, and even faster when exposed to heart and sunshine, coloured balloons will take on a matt velvety appearance.

Please handle your balloons with extreme care as they are delicate. It is best to keep little fingers away from the balloons as they are not built to be played with (and least until the party is over). All children should be supervised with balloons.

Whilst we use the highest quality balloons and take every precaution necessary with your creations to ensure the last through your event, once the balloons leave our door, or we have left the venue they are out of our control and we cannot the responsibility for anything that happens after this. But give us a shout within 2 hours and we’ll try do our best to help.*

Air filled balloons can last for as long as 4 weeks but outdoors will last 1-2 days.

Some designs will have a weight(s) filled with water, take care when disposing of your design.