Make the most of your balloon designs

Make the most of your balloon designs

Welcome to the PoppaDo party crew! We're excited you've chosen us to sprinkle joy at your bash. By supporting us, you're helping fulfill our dream, and that means the world to us. So, let's dive into the fun, but first, here are some playful pointers to keep your balloons in tip-top shape!

**1. Handle with Care:** Our balloons are delicate darlings, so treat them gently. Keep those little fingers away (at least until the party's over).

**2. Temperature Matters:** Helium balloons thrive in room temperature (around 20 degrees). Avoid extreme heat or direct sunlight to keep them perky.

**3. Weather Woes:** If your balloons get a bit chilly or wet, don't fret. They'll bounce back when they dry and warm up. For outdoor garlands, a cozy night indoors will prolong their party life.

**4. Colorful Transformations:** Clear balloons turn cloudy over time, especially in the hot sun. Colored balloons go all matte and velvety, which can be a trendy twist!

**5. Quality Assurance:** We use top-quality balloons and take precautions to ensure they shine at your event. But once they leave us, they're on their own. We can't take responsibility, but if you holler within 2 hours, we'll try our best to help.

**6. Air vs. Outdoor:** Air-filled balloons can last up to 4 weeks indoors but only 1-2 days outdoors. If your design includes water-filled weights, be mindful when disposing of them.

Now, you're all set to rock your fabulous balloons and party like a pro. Let the festivities begin! 🎈🎉
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